A new handbook for Ministers and Directors of Tourism worldwide!


by Mike Spinelli

This book sets forth a compendium of methods to increase international arrivals for all countries of the world. While it is directed at the richest source of travelers, the USA, the principles will work with any nation. It has been written to be candid in format and to offer concrete suggestions to market your destination...

Latest Speech

Effective Promotion of the Baltic Sea Region in the American Market
Delivered in Gdansk, Poland
April 7, 2005

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Scene & Heard article in Travel Agent Magazine
April 18, 2005

Other Speech

What India Should do to Grow International Tourism
Delivered in New Delhi, India

September 7, 2002

An autographed copy of Mike's book for the Czech Republic Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek in Prague.


With Colin Powell at the ASTA World Travel Congress

With Past President George H. W. Bush in Lisbon at the ASTA World Travel Congress

Chatting with the Prime Minister of UK Tony Blair

With Margaret Thatcher in her suite at the Carlisle Hotel, New York City.

Tourism discussion with King Abdullah II of Jordan

In NYC after the 9/11
tragedy with Barbara Bush at ASTA World Travel Congress

Following a speaking engagement for Mexico on Tourism, Mike Spinelli and Jane Coakley attend a reception with President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo.

With the Chairman of the China National Tourist Office

World Travel Leaders Summit with the Prime Minister of UK

American Tourism Society seminar for the Baltic States in Gdansk.

Founding board member: Enterprise Bank and Trust

Receiving Golden Helmsmen Award at ITB

Receiving Jordan Tourism Award at ITB

Addressing Travel Agents
in Rhode Island

After conducting a seminar on Tourism to Italy for the University of Perugia at Assisi, Mike meets with the University President, Magnifico Rettore Dr. Giuseppe Calzoni.

Mike pauses in Athens prior to their lighting the candle to be lit to commence the Special Olympics to be held in Toronto.


Michael A. Spinelli, Sc.B., MCC
With 45 years experience in selling travel,
he was chosen in 1995  & 1998 by
Tour and Travel Magazine as one of the
25 Most Influential Executives
in the World Travel Industry.

Author: "Tourism: The Engine of Prosperity"


His Business: Global Tourism Solutions

Founder and CEO of ACTION 6 a consortium of more than 2,400 travel agencies.
Past President of ASTA -
American Society of Travel Agents

In Haiti with the President, Réne Preval who is holding a copy of the booket (below) on Haiti at this site.

Michael A. Spinelli founded ACTION 6 in 1976 with 141 travel agents, who paid their fees before the company had one solitary supplier.

By 2001 the company had 2,400 travel agencies on it's roster.
In 2001 the company was acquired by Amadeus owned Vacation.com creating the largest consortium of travel agents in North America whose members independent production exceeds
US $25,000,000,000. Sales and Marketing continually directs efforts to move these sales towards a select list of preferred suppliers. All offices are independently owned and operated.
Amadeus is the largest travel agency reservations service in the world. The technology available to Vacation.com is endless and will be channeled towards sales and data base marketing

1959 Spinelli founded Merrimac Travel Service, Inc., a travel agency specializing in cruises, tours and groups, doing its own tour operating.

1976 Spinelli founded ACTION 6.
He is a travel writer and a frequent speaker at trade gatherings.
Past president of the Lowell, MA Jaycees.
Past president Lowell, MA Civic Committee.
Past vice president of the Lowell Rotary Club.
1989 Founder and a Director of Enterprise Bank and Trust Company in Lowell, MA. The bank now has fifteen (15) branches. He is presently clerk of the corporation.
2001 Subsequent to the sale of ACTION 6 to be merged into VACATION.com, he was appointed Chairman Emeritus of Vacation.com
2004 Assisted in the founding of www.timkatec.org, which is the website of Timkatec, an orphanage in Petionville, Haiti. The site raised the funds to build a new technical school for the children. He and Patrick O'Shea continue contributing and raising funds for this needy cause.
2005 Appointed assistant to the chair of "The Haitian League"

Travel Industry:
1993- -1994 President of New England chapter of ASTA - American Society of Travel Agents.
1995 National Director of ASTA - American Society of Travel Agents.
1996- -1998 President and CEO of ASTA - American Society of Travel Agents.
1999 Appointed to the National Advisory Board of the Canadian Tourism Commission.
2004 Appointed to the advisory board of S.A.T.H.,
Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
2004 Elected for membership on the American Tourism Society board of directors.

Graduate of Northeastern University - Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration - Accounting.
Distinguished Military Graduate from Northeastern University.

Commissioned in the United States Army.

Served in Germany and was honorably discharged as a 1st Lieutenant on completion of his tenure.

Awards and Honors:
1998 - 1995 Chosen by Tour and Travel Magazine as one of the 25 most influential travel executives in the World travel industry.
1997 Access to Freedom Award from the Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped.
1997 Travel Person of the Year Award from Travel Agent Magazine.
1996 Travel Agent of the Year Award from Travel Trade Magazine.
1996 Received the World Travel Market Global  Award.
1996 Distinguished Service Award to the travel industry, honored by the director of Massachusetts Port Authority.
1994 A Winner of the American Express Essay Contest on travel.
1994 Distinguished Service Award for producing
Cruisemart 1994.
1986 NOAH award, distinguishing him as
The Travel Agent Mentor of the Year
2000 Received Jordanian Award of Petra.
2000 Received the Golden Helmsmen of Tourism International Award.
2004 Approved as a Fellow with The Tourism Society based in London, UK
2004 Appointed to the advisory board of S.A.T.H.,
Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
Elected for membership on the American Tourism Society board of directors.

In June 1998 conducted a seminar for the University of Perugia on aggregation of the travel resources of Italy for maximum economic growth.

2002 - India. Delivered an address on Tourism:  Reaching the U.S. market, text available by clicking below.
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Recently completed a book entitled Tourism: The Engine of Prosperity, a manual for the development of tourism.  This book will soon be published and available at online book companies and at www.authorhouse.com
click here for sample chapter

2005: In April was a key speaker at Gdansk, Poland for the American Tourism Society seminar on the Effective Promotion of the Baltic Sea Region.
        In May, conducted a seminar at New London, NH for a group of visiting Russian Hotel and tourism education visitors.


Latest thought:

"The spiritual man need not be a recluse, that union with the divine Life may be achieved and maintained in the midst of worldly affairs, that the obstacles to that union lie not outside us but within us."

The Bhagavad-Gita

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